News 01.11.2014 17:00

16 National teams competing at UNIF Futnet world Cup 2014

The registration of teams for the UNIF Futnet World Cup 2014 was closed on Wednesday, 22nd of October. Up to that date, the UNIF has received a total of 15 applications from National Futnet Federations from different countries located on 4 different continents.

Apart from the traditionally participating European countries, South Korea, whose delegations regularly attend all the events organised by UNIF since the World Cup 2012, will participate in the tournament.

We are more than happy to welcome also the newcomers, for this year we have two teams coming from the continent of Africa, specifically Tunisia and Mali. Among non-European teams, the spectators in Brandýs nad Labem can look forward to seeing the team of United States of America.

Although the registration of Russia arrived a couple of days later, it was accepted by the Technical Committee and therefore Russian national team will be 16th participant of the Futnet World Cup.

Complete list of participating countries can be found in the Teams section of our website.