News 29.11.2014 11:30

1st semifinal - Romania and Slovak Republic

Today’s program started in the main hall with quarterfinals between Romania and Switzerland. In the second match, a big favourite of the tournament from Slovakia faced the team from South Korea.

Romania took the lead already in ‘singles,’ especially thanks to Georgel Bobis, a specialist in this discipline. Georgel Bobis won the game already in two sets. Romania was dominant also in ‘doubles’! Switzerland gained only ten points and Romania became a big favourite of the game.

In the last part of game, ‘triples,’ Switzerland became a bit more dangerous, but unfortunately it was not enough. They lost the game (11:9) and Romania confirmed the expectations and will play the semifinals.

The second quarterfinals between Slovakia and South Korea took place also in the main hall. The audience created an amazing atmosphere. Most of the audience was obviously fans of South Korea, but the team of Slovakia was also well supported.

The ‘singles’ brought a big surprise when Back Shin from South Korea took the lead for his team. ‘Doubles’ and ‘triples’ did not bring any surprise and Slovakia won both of them and so the entire game. Slovakia is in semifinals!

We will see Slovakia and Romania in the first semifinals.