News 28.11.2014 16:00

These are not good times for sport in Ukraine


We will bring you the interviews the representatives from each country during whole World Cup. Here you can see the responses from Ukrainian coach. 

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News 28.11.2014 12:30

Basic groups are well underway

IMG 5916

After more than four hours since the start of the World Cup, 12 matches in three different sport halls were already played. So far, all the matches finished with the score of 3:0.

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News 27.11.2014 08:00

South Korea clashed in a friendly match against Spartak Čelákovice

IMG 5846

Friendly match between South Korea and Spartak Čelákovice was held in Sportcentre in Brandýs nad Labem before the official start of the UNIF Futnet World cup 2014. Spartak Čelákovice won this friendly match in total 4:1.

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