News 28.11.2014 19:00

Basic group matches closed by the match between the Czechs and Swiss

After 22 matches played in basic groups, the question of quarter-final qualifiers is solved and therefore we already know also the teams competing for the 9th – 15th place.

The clear winner of the basic group A is Slovakia, without a single set lost during all the three matches they played. The second place in the group goes to the team Poland, putting the representations of Ireland and USA in the 9th – 15th placement part of the tournament.

The basic group B offered a very interesting match for the first position between Romania and France. The match was decided by the triples, when the Romanian players were more succesful.

In the three-state basic group C, the first position was taken by the team Hungary, beating the South Korea with the score 2:1. Austria finished on the third place in this group.

Last group D with Czech national team offered a great futnet spectacle in the last match. The home team defeated their opponent from Switzerland 3:0, but the Swiss played very well.


Romania – Switzerland

Slovakia – South Korea

Hungary – Poland

Czech Republic - France