News 29.11.2014 19:00

In Germany there are 500 active futnet players

Another interest interview about futnet in different countries is with the Germany team leader. 

Since when is futnet played in your country? How long is a futnet association active?

A sport similar to futnet called „football-tennis“ is played in Germany for almost 60 years, but so far there is no association established that would support German participation on the international level.

How many players approximately do you have?

±500 active players .

What are your ambitions/expectations for this tournament?

Our goal is to finish between the 9th – 15th place.

What events do you hold to promote futnet?

Tournaments, teams league and even the championships on the national level. We also try to promote the sport by involving youngsters aged 10 to 18 that play football-tennis at school.

How do you assess the possibility of World Cup organization by your country?

It might be possible one day, but in a longer time period from now.

Do you have juniors/women categories playing futnet?

No, so far we only have the men category.