News 27.11.2014 08:00

South Korea clashed in a friendly match against Spartak Čelákovice

Friendly match between South Korea and Spartak Čelákovice was held in Sportcentre in Brandýs nad Labem before the official start of the UNIF Futnet World cup 2014. Spartak Čelákovice won this friendly match in total 4:1.

First three games (single, doubles, triples) according to international laws of Futnet won Spartak Čelákovice 3:0 (2:0 for sets in each game).

Then teams played next game in triples, but now according to Czech laws of Futnet (two bounces). This game also won team from the Czech extra league. In the last game four players on both side played according Jokgu rules. In this game South Korea was more successful and won 2:0.