News 28.11.2014 16:00

These are not good times for sport in Ukraine

We will bring you the interviews the representatives from each country during whole World Cup. Here you can see the responses from Ukrainian coach.

Since when is futnet played in your country? How long is a futnet association active?

The first championships were held in 2006 and the association is active on the national level since last year.

How many players approximately do you have?

We have 7 teams coming from 4 different cities, but there are many more football players that play futnet as well.

What are your ambitions/expectations for this tournament?

Hopefully we will get to the quarterfinals, but we know that teams from France and Romania are pretty strong, so we will do our best to get the 9th place.

What events do you hold to promote futnet?

Under the current political and safety situation, it is quite difficult to promote the sport in general.

How do you assess the possibility of World Cup organization by your country?

Definitely there is a potential to organize the World Cup in Ukraine, it is just necessary that the situation gets better.

Do you have juniors/women categories playing futnet?

Juniors under 21 are representing Ukraine also here in Brandys, and we have a lot of women playing futnet as well, most of them being football players.