Germany (GER)

National association:
Coach: Jürgen Johann
Team leader: Thomas Schultheis

About team:

Futnet WM Team1

The German Futnet-Team for the 2014 Team-World Cup consists of players of clubs RGSV Moosburg, BSG Illingen and RAS Witten. Most of the players were at the World Cup 2012 in Nymburk. 

In Germany Football Tennis is played differently: four against four. Three body contacts, three ground contacts. The net is 1 meter high. The field has 20 x 8 meters. It is played mostly on time (2 x 7 minutes). Similarly, the South Koreans play their Jokgu. The difference is: In Germany, the ball is played also with the body.

The German Football-Tennis Team looking forward to an exciting competition in Brandys!


Stefan Weitzmann

Tobias Grießer

Franz-Josef Becker

Thomas Schultheis