resizedimage221196 ballDear futnet fans,

welcome to the official webpage of UNIF Futnet World Cup 2014!

Organised by Czech Futnet Association, under the auspices of Union Internationale de Futnet,  UNIF Futnet World Cup 2014 is the top international competition for men's national teams this year. The event will be held from 28 November to 30 November 2014 in the Sports Centre in Brandýs nad Labem, very close to the beautiful Czech capital of Prague.

This webpage will gradually offer you all relevant information regarding this event. Players, fans and media can find here all the practical information about the accommodation, transport and tickets as well as the news and updates about the teams, schedule and results. If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact us via the Contact section and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Do not forget also to check out UNIF facebook page Futnet World for all the updates regarding international futnet.

And remember – the best performers of the art of futnet will be waiting for you with their spectacular show between 28 and 30 November in the Czech Republic. So, stay tuned and get ready for all the jaw-dropping action!